I met JK Northrup several years ago while he was playing in a group of musicians: “The Acoustic Outcasts”.  The group: JK (King Kobra, XYZ, Cage, Northrup/Shortino), Ron Keel (Steeler, Keel, Ronnie Lee Keel, The Rat’lers, Fair Game, Saber Tiger, IronHorse), Terry Ilous( XYZ, Cage, Monsters Of Classic Rock), Kelly Keeling (Blue Murder, MSG, Baton Rouge, Trans Siberian Orchestra), and Charlie Wayne Morrill (Hawk, Bulletboys, Keel & Wayne, IronHorse). JK has released a new cd called “Wired In My Skin”. While JK wrote the music, he has enlisted some of his (and mine) good friends for vocal duties. Kelly Keeling, Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Johnny Edwards (Montrose, Foreigner, Royal Jelly), David Zaragoza (Category 7) and one of my personal favorite vocalists…Terry Ilous. The vocals of each singer enhance the flow of the cd that also features some of JK’s coolest guitar work especially on the instrumental tracks: “Black Moon”, “Mark My Territory” and “Metamorphosis” which give the cd a futuristic vibe. This might be due to JK’s passion for aliens and other worlds.


All of the tracks: “Wired In My Skin,” “Big Blue Sky,” “The Road,” “Perfect Imperfection,” “Cemented Eyes,” “So Long,” and “Grind Me Down” are hard hitting and high flying with the exception: “If I Were James Taylor (I Could Finish This Song) which is an acoustic ballad that was placed last on the cd so that the listener could safely land and relax after the journey just taken.


JK has worked with many of the top artists in music in one form or another and this project confirms that he still is pointed in the right direction…straight up into the stars.









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