Jack Russell Interview – August 2014

Again, I got the opportunity to talk to one of my Rock N Roll heroes. If you’re a fan of Rock N roll, Jack Russell’s voice is one that you recognized right away.  The tone and pitch, along with his “Bluesy” style makes him unique and a standalone vocalist. He was the vocalist for one of the most rockin bands in music…Great White. The band had major airplay and video play during the 80s and into the 90s with hits like ‘Rock Me,’ “Save All Your Love,” “House Of Broken Love,” ”Once Bitten…Twice Shy”  with  them  still getting heavy rotation of play on radio and satellite even to this day. Throughout the band’s career, the band endured a series personal problems, personnel changes and the tragic 2003 Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island. Jack suffering from degenerative disc disease still tried to continue with the band as well as doing a couple solo projects. He then became seriously ill when he suffered a perforated bowel and was in a coma for 5 days. During this time, friend and former Warrant vocalist Jani Lane passed away. Jani had filled in for Jack with Great White during a time when Jack was recovering from back injuries. Jani’s passing was THE turnaround point for Jack and with the help of his wife Heather and the Man upstairs, he has made his way from the edge of the grave and back on the center of the stage. During his time of recovery, Great White decided to continue touring with Terry Ilous (see T.E.N. interviews) on vocals. When Jack was ready to start performing again, a disagreement among the members of Great White and Jack resulted into 2 different versions of the band…Great White and Jack Russell’s Great White. Jack gave me a call to share his thoughts on everything from the different versions of Great White, his health, God and his promise to never “Rick Springfield” anyone.

 T.E.N. Hi Jack! How are you?

Jack Russell I’m doing good. How are you my friend?


TEN I’m doing great!

JR So what’s up? What do you wanna talk about?


TEN A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I caught the show with Faster Pussycat

JR Yeah, you and three other people. (Laughs) When we were on our way to the show, it looked like a ghost town. I saw one person walking on the street and that’s supposed to be a big spring break town. I guess nobody realized it because nobody was there. It was dead.


TEN You guys played like it was a full house, dude.

JR Well, you know, we played for the people that are there, not the people that aren’t there. Sometimes you have a packed house… sometimes you don’t. It’s hard on a weekday. I felt bad for the people, looking at all these places that are supposed these packed with spring breakers cause they make their living off that time. Nobody was there. It was like they went somewhere else, ya know?


TEN You guys blew the roof off the place!

JR Thank you man, we have fun. We play for ourselves and for the people that are there. Like I said, if there were just one person there, we’d be kicking his ass!


TEN There’s been a lot of people in Great White over the years…

JR Yea…you kidding me? It’s like…so…


TEN I know that Derek and Matthew have been in the band in the past but how did you pick this current lineup?

JR It was my solo band. We were just rehearsing the solo stuff that I was going to do in between Great White and when I fired the band (Great White) I just called them up and said; “Hey guys guess what? I fired Great White. You guys want to do Great White with me?” They said “Sure why not!”  It still gives us the opportunity to write songs and that kind of stuff, so it doesn’t matter what we call it.


TEN Speaking of songs…are you guys working on a new album and will you be releasing any new material soon?

JR We have stuff that we are working on, yeah. We’re just waiting for the trial to finish. Once that gets all settled, then were gonna put something out. We’ve got some great stuff written. It sounds like Great White cause it’s me singing.


TEN The other version of the band put an album out with great reviews…

JR I haven’t heard it. I just can’t bring myself to do that, you know what I mean? I’m sorry, no offense to him and he may be a great singer when it comes to singing XYZ stuff. I know one song by them…”Inside Out.” I’ve heard a couple tracks of him singing you know… “My stuff” and it’s absolutely the wrong guy.


TEN I interviewed Terry Ilous a while back and he had nothing but good things to say about you. I did ask him about you.

JR I appreciate that. I don’t have anything bad to say about him except it’s just not the band for him. He’s not a ”Bluesy” vocalist. I understand that he was trying to do that on the album but if you listen to what he normally sings… He’s a heavy metal singer. He’s more like a Dio. There’s nothing wrong with that. I got nothing against him. He sings in key, he’s got a reasonably good voice. You know for me, it just doesn’t suit that band. I’m if they were the got somebody like, let’s just say Jeff Keith (Tesla) was out of a job or something or somebody of that ilk. Ya know to have that “Bluesy” type voice it would’ve suited them better. I got nothing against him; he’s just a guy happy to be singing in front of a lot more people that he was in XYZ.


TEN You’ve had a lot of major hits in your career. How much influence do you think MTV had on your career?

JR MTV had no influence as far as influence but it sure had an impact. Let me tell you something. When MTV first came out, everybody said: “Oh my God, this is going to be the best thing to rock ‘n roll!” I said; “Guys, mark my word, it’s gonna be the death of it.”  And… what was the very first song that they played? “Video Killed The Radio Star” and that wasn’t by accident. And it did. It took all these huge concerts and put them down into a little 19 inch screen. It took away the majesty of it all. I mean, why do I need to go to a concert? I can just watch it on MTV…

At first it helped and it was great. Then, after a while it, turns into a bunch of half assed actors, ya know? Some of the videos that were put out, including some of the early ones of ours, were just ridiculous man. It was like: “Please don’t ever let me watch that again, I’ll throw up!”  That would be my version of hell… Having to sit there and watch ”Stick It” over and over again.


TEN Now look what MTV is. It’s all reality shows and crap.

JR Yeah, everything is changed and nothing’s like it used to be. Things always change and sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. My opinion that the computer age and the Internet age, I mean the Information age has just killed the music business. Killed it! I mean, there’s no record sales. Why would you go by record when you can just download it?


TEN I’m from the old school. I like the albums and the cds you know… with the liner notes and all the extras.

JR Yeah man, I want to see the artwork, I want to read this and I want to read that. I’m old school too! It’s sad because you’re not going to see any young bands for the most part going platinum and doing arena tours. Those days are over man. I feel sorry for the bands that are coming up. It’s almost like: “Dude, just get a day job. Be a doctor. Play music on the side. Just go get your friends and go out and play songs.


TEN When I saw your version of the band…I didn’t know quite what to expect because you were sick for a long time.

JR Oh yeah!


TEN I thought; “Ok, this is the first time I get to see Jack Russell…”

JR You were probably expecting me to come out like in a wheelchair and stuff…


TEN Ya just don’t know. Being a fan, you read articles…

JR Like a blind cane, dark glasses and seeing-eye dog on stage…


TEN Yea, and you’re this and that…

JR I got a dialysis machine hooked up to me…


TEN Yea, but then you come out on stage and it just was nonstop dude.

JR Awesome! Well I appreciate that man. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of loving care from my wife Heather who is a nurse. She literally took care of me and nursed me back to health. I give her all the credit in the world…her and God for bringing me back. There was one point, I just kind of felt like “The heck with it is just too hard.” I literally learned how to walk again. I could not walk cause I had no muscle. I was in the hospital for three months. I could not walk. It took a lot of her pushing me and giving me the “atta boys” for me to really have the ambition to do it. I started thinking; “Yeah, I can do this and yeah I should come back and yeah…there are people that wanna hear me sing again and see me perform!”


TEN The fans are just embraced you all over again.

JR You know… I’m so blown away. We did a show after Destin and it was just huge! There were so many fans. I look back and there was this guy in a tree singing every word! It was amazing! There were three people out of the few people I met after the show because it was just too hectic, and they were all crying. One of the security guys was crying. People kept saying: “It’s so good to see you back.” I got all choked up. There was a chick that came up and she was bawling and there were guys that were crying too…guys my age. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have somebody appreciate what you love doing so much. I love singing more than I love breathing. Having somebody appreciate you for something that you love so much is really touching. I can’t even describe it.


TEN You sounded very strong and in control of the whole situation.

JR Right now, it’s as strong as it’s ever been. It took a while, trust me. It wasn’t like I came back the first show and was wailing. I’ve been cut from my belly button up to my sternum. I have all my intestines taken out, laid on the table, washed off, shoved back in, sewed me back up again, through me on a bunch of antibiotics, was in a coma for five days. They told my wife that I wasn’t going to make it. It took a while for those muscles to heal up and be strong again. That’s your support mechanism. After being off for a year and a half from singing… which is the longest time that I’ve been off for my career, it took a lot to get back into shape. But once I did, my voice is really strong. And I mean that with all humility. I thank God and my wife for having the will to help me work hard for it. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.


TENI read somewhere that you had a perforated bowel…

JR Yeah, well that’s why I was in a coma. That’s when they pulled all my intestines out. I had a perforated bowel and all stuff inside my bowel…ya know, shit… came out inside my body cavity. People die from that. I was in a coma for all those days and they just kept pumping me full of antibiotics and for whatever reason man… It wasn’t time for me to go yet. I came out of it. You wake up and there’s a bag on ya and they tell ya that you’re gonna be poopin in that bag for nine months, it is not a fun piece of news to have. I can see why people commit suicide over that stuff. It was really…really hard but I got through it. Like I said I give God and my wife all the credit for that one cause if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to get through it.


TEN Do they know what caused the problem in the first place?

JR Well, they think it was an infection in my bowel which made the lining really weak and I could’ve bumped something or it could have just happened. I just remember being on an airplane on my way back home and I was like: “God, my stomach hurts.” And then it went from the side of my abdomen hurting to where I was actually screaming and writhing in my seat. The stewardesses were freaking out because they didn’t know what to do. I remember my wife picking me up and the band guys all split, ya know what I mean? They were all gone. I told my wife “Take me to the next big white H!!” Even then I’m trying to be humorous. She did and they took me right into surgery and like I said, I woke up five days later with a bag hanging on me and that’s what I pooped in for nine months. Then, on top of that, during that time for me in the hospital for three months, I got a blood clot in my leg which let loose and went into my lung. I had a pulmonary embolism! They kept telling me that I could die at any time if that let loose and went into my brain. I had to take a medication called Coumadin which is a type of rat poison. Luckily that didn’t kill me. I should be dead but I guess God had other plans.


TEN That’s the ”Grace of God” right there buddy…

JR I’m tellin ya! And, for the people who don’t believe in God, well read my biography is coming out real soon and you will!


TEN Looking at the website of the other version of Great White, they have a statement on there that is all due to like your song “Wasted Rock Ranger.” It was all drug-related…

JR Yea, like I was the one with a drug problem in the band…ya know? The drummer couldn’t play on the “Can’t Get There From Here” album because he was so messed up on speed. He couldn’t even play his drums so I had to hire another drummer. I mean come on, we all had our drug problems and I never abandoned anybody in that band for that. I was never fired for being a drug addict or alcoholic. I mean come on… That’s just ridiculous! That’s what hurts me the worst. It’s like “You know what? Just cause you got sober before me… you don’t want to play with me anymore?” Well, so, okay… that’s why I fired them. I mean they couldn’t fire me because I’m the president of the Corporation. Audie and Michael weren’t in the Corporation. They were hired guys. They get paid the same amount of money but nonetheless they were hired by the Corporation. They didn’t have a vote. Mark certainly can’t fire me because he was the vice president of the Corporation. When I got sick to the point of nobody talking to me, I got into an argument with my manager because he told me that I couldn’t take my pain medicine or he wasn’t going to work with me. I told him that “I just talked to my doctor and he said that I will be on pain medicine the rest of my life because I have degenerative disk disease.” My back is 4 inches shorter now because my discs are basically dissolving! Can you imagine vertebrae on vertebrae and how much pain that would be? You can tell that the medication I’m on doesn’t affect me performing. The medications that I was on before that… the Vicodin… the OxyContin…now that was different. I would be falling asleep. It wasn’t a good medicine and they found something that works for me and doesn’t get me loaded. Consequently, I can tolerate the pain and it doesn’t affect my performance as you can tell. You saw the show. I wasn’t falling all over the place


TEN I was going to ask you who really owns the name?

JR Well my contention is that I own it because I’ve been in the band the longest. I’ve been in control of the name. I’ve always ran the band. It’s always been my band and I’ve always made the decisions. There was a point where I went into Sony records. I met with John because he didn’t want to talk to anybody else. He didn’t want to talk to the manager…nobody. I met with him time and time again; bringing him tapes and having lunch with him. We talked about signing the band and finally his exact words to me were “Jack, I decided to make a deal with you. I’m not sure Great White has another great album within them but I love your voice and I believe in you so I’m gonna sign the band.”  I was like “YEAH!”  So, it’s always been my band. People can disagree with me or not and of course there are people out there they go “Jack Russell sucks!” or whatever but if you take the singer out of the band you’re taking away the band’s identity. The singer is the only thing in the band that makes it sound distinct. I don’t care if you like Stephen Pearcy’s voice are not… he’s the sound of RATT. He lost his case because there was a Corporation with four members and he was only one vote. You take Steven Tyler out of Aerosmith… I used this analogy a lot because he’s my favorite singer. I would rather go see Steven Tyler with a bunch of people that I’ve never heard of, than go see Aerosmith with somebody else singing. You close your eyes and it’s Aerosmith. You close your eyes with Great White and it sounds like a cover band… somebody else singing. No offense to Mark’s guitar playing, he’s a good guitar player but my guitar player plays the same stuff and sound just like him so I don’t understand. The sound of a band to me and this just my opinion is the singer. Like I said, that’s just my opinion and some people will disagree with me but most won’t. We haven’t had any problems that are shows… nobody’s come up to me and said: “Hey man, where’s Mark at? I really wish he was back in the band. No offense to Mark but it’s just the way it is.


TEN There are a few bands these days that have two versions of the band like L.A. Guns and Queensryche

JRYeah, I know.


TEN I just wanted to find out from you your thoughts on the two versions of Great White.

JR They’re saying whatever they gotta say to try to win the case. I mean these are my best friends in the world right and they go out decided put on the website by private medical history for the whole world to read. “Ooh, he had a colostomy bag. I’m not going to go watch him!” I mean why do they want to try to embarrass me like that? I’ve got all kinds of stuff on them that I could put up on a website that they would shrink so far…you couldn’t see em. But why would I want to do that?  Why would I want to embarrass them in public?  They put the “Here is the agreement we had” on there too. There were conditions and I’m sitting there thinking “What, you’re gonna tell me what I have to do to sing in my own band?” Everything was on there and I said; “Yeah, everything but except I can’t take medication because I have to have it and my doctor will give you a note stating that it’s not gonna affect my performance.” Then they put it out on the Internet and add this one line; “No smoking crack!”  I’m like crack? What are you talking about? I don’t smoke crack! I’m thinking that it is on there to make me look bad. Why didn’t they just say; “No hanging out in front of the preschool in a van with tinted windows, wearing nothing but a raincoat holding a bag of candy asking kids if they want a ride home with Uncle Jackie?”  Why stop there? Just go all the way! Come on man they didn’t have to do that. That really hurt me. I’m not gonna go on the Internet and start talkin about your personal shit.  I mean after 30 years of being… but Kendall… Oh boy! I’m not going to stoop that low. Were in a legal thing here, let’s keep it legal. I just tell the facts when they start saying stuff about me I just had to defend myself. They keep insinuating that I’m not sober. I mean…really? Ask anyone that goes to my shows. I’m not falling all over the place or forgetting the words are falling asleep on stage. Come on, what are you talking about?


TEN You were really good friends with Jani Lane

JR Yeah, Jani was a sweetheart. You know what’s really weird?  My last surgery was August 11, 2011 and I woke up and my wife told me that my friend Jani just died due to alcohol poisoning. I don’t believe in coincidences, I’ve had things in my life that kinda rule that out. I was like: “You know what? I’m gonna be next if I don’t get sober.” Jani’s death saved my life. I told his widow that. We met under really strange circumstances and my wife and her became really good friends. They’ve both gone through the same thing except for the fact that I didn’t pass away. I was telling her that and she goes: “Jack, you know what? You saved his reputation and his legacy because of last thing he did was with Great White.” He did really…really well and I said; “You know what? He did!” He really did a great job covering for me. He did it as a tribute to me. He didn’t want to do it and he told me he that he didn’t want to do it. But he told me “I’ll do it for you.” He called me one time and he goes; “Why do you gotta sing so high all the time?” There is an interview I saw that he did with Eddie Trunk on ”That Metal Show” and he told Eddie the same thing. I told him (Jani) “Believe me man, if I would’ve thought about it being 50 years of singing that stuff I might’ve thought a little differently about it!”  I mean I’m still hitting the notes, ya know.


TEN What’s your fondest memory of Jani?

JR My fondest? I gotta tell you this. We did a show when we were opening for RATT and they (Warrant) were opening for us. We were backstage one time and I took a big plate and fill it full of shaving cream and I pied him right in the face after his set and then he pied me back and somebody got a picture of it and ended up in one of the magazines like Hit Parader or something like that. That’s just one of my favorite pictures of my whole career. He and I just covered in shaving cream, hanging together. It was just a great moment. It was just one of those moments where you’re glad the camera was there. He called me in the hospital wishing me well when he was doing good. God, he was just such a talented guy. He was a great songwriter and a great guy and he had a problem. I can understand that problem because I had the same one. It’s hard, addiction is really difficult. There’s no explanation to why we try to kill ourselves and pay for the privilege, ya know?


TEN Do you think a lot of that stems back to the 80s and the Sunset Strip and all the debauchery that went on?

JRYou know what? I was a drug addict since I was a kid. The minute I took my first drug at 11 years old, I was an addict. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world… I finally arrived. There were points in my life like when I was eight years sober during the 90s. I went out over a divorce. Then I had another 21 months sober around 2005-2006 and then I went out again.

I just had a really hard time and after the tragedy in Rhode Island… It really screwed me up. My drinking and everything else got really… really worse. I had a brief rest from it after I went to Betty Ford but it crept back into my life and I’ve been battling it for quite a while until like I said,  I woke up the 11th of August and found that my friend Jani had died. I said; “That’s it!”

My friend Steven Tyler called me a couple days later in the hospital and said “Jack, what the fuck are you doing? You gotta get sober again!” He helped me get sober back in 1992 when I first got sober. He would call me all of the time and ask; “How ya doin? How many days ya got?” He is a really big influence. He is like my mentor. I remember the first time that I met him and remember the second time that I met him was a big arena concert we did. We were on the Whitesnake/Tesla tour and I was backstage and here comes Steven Tyler walkin right towards me and I’m like ”Oh My God!” He was like: “Dude, I was reading this article about you. Is it true that you shot that maid?” I was like “Uh…uh… you were reading about me??”  It took me like 10 minutes to answer the question and he was like: “Hey Joe (Perry), come here listen to the story! I thought I had a story!” We’ve been casual friends ever since. Every time I needed something from him or just wanted to talk to him and get some advice… he was there. It’s funny because you know the old answer machine that had cassettes? I have this really long message from him because I had asked him to call me because it was my second year sobriety birthday and I wanted to thank him. He called and left this really long message telling me happy birthday that they were going on vacation to Hawaii. We just got done with so and so and blah blah blah…” And I thought it was so cool I took the tape out and saved it… mine forever! Every once in a while I still put it in a cassette player just to hear it.

It’s really neat when you get to meet your idols and they’re not assholes. We did the show last night raising money for MS and Rick Springfield was there. I go to introduce myself and I stick my hand out and shakes my hand and looks at me like I got lobsters crawling on my hands. I thought okay oh well. He goes on stage before us and he’s walking up the stairs at the Whiskey. I go “Hey! Great show man!” and he just looked at me and walks away. I’m like “Dude, you don’t gotta be a dick to be in this business.” Did he get that out a handbook or what?


TEN I mean just because he doesn’t have “Jessie’s Girl”…

JR Yea, just cause you don’t have “Jessie’s Girl”…don’t take it out on me! You can either be a nice guy or you can be a dick and seems to me it takes a lot more work to be a jerk. I love people and I’m always nice. I love making people feel good. I’ve never hurt a person’s feelings over the years on purpose. I’ve never snubbed my fans on purpose. If anybody out there is reading this and it’s happened…I apologize! I’m sorry I put a “Rick Springfield” on you.


TEN You mentioned the Station fire incident.

JR Yea, and honest to God dude, I’d really appreciate it if we didn’t get into that. I’ve talked about so much that every time I say something…I’ve hurt somebody’s feelings. I just don’t want to do that. I don’t want to hurt anybody ever again.


TEN I’ve got a few fan questions for you. A fan named Todd wants to know “If you miss the 80s and the days of the “Hair” bands?”

JR The hair band thing I’ll just kinda forgo. The 80s? Of course I miss em man.  They were great days. We all have to get older and I’m just really happy right now. My life is so simple now. I live on my beautiful boat with my beautiful wife and I love it. I get to spend time with my best friend. I wouldn’t change it. I don’t need a mansion or Maserati. I just need my boat and my wife. Right now we’re getting ready to cook some barbecue. What more does a guy need? I still have fans that come see me play. I’m still able to make a living playing music and that’s all I ever wanted to do. Sure don’t get me wrong, I would still love to be playing arenas every night to 20,000 people but there is something about playing a club and having a full house or playing a festival with 5 to 10,000 people… It’s just a lot of fun. It’s more intimate, especially when you’re in a small club. People that were 300 feet away from the band before at one point now can spit on us if they want to. It’s really cool for the fans. My first concert was Blue Oyster Cult back when I was in high school. An amazing band! I love that band. One time they were opening up for us and I was like: “My God! The Blue Oyster Cult is opening up for me!” I sat on the side of the stage and I was bawling. It was sad in a way but it was beautiful because these guys are still so great. Their songs touch me and now I have that effect on people. It’s so cool to be a part of somebody’s life like they (BOC) were part of mine. Somebody comes up to me and says: “Dude! Your music got me through high school and I have so many great memories!” And I’m thinking I have bands like that too! Like Aerosmith. I’d be sneaking out to the back room when I was 13 years old and putting on “Toys In The Attic” and listening to them with my headphones with my parents asleep, having no idea. I would listen to that music all night long a dream about being a rock star. To have that effect on somebody’s life is such a privilege and honor. It really is. My voice is a gift from God. I thank God for every single day. You know how many times I’ve heard that “Save Your Love” was somebody’s wedding song? More than I can count! That’s such an amazing compliment. For me, to be involved in the biggest day of somebody’s life… that they included me in and they didn’t even know me! How neat is that? I’ve had people tell me that my songs that help them get off drugs. That’s so cool, ya know? Just an amazing… amazing thing.


TEN It’s very cool that you’re humble like that.

JR I appreciate that, thank you.


TEN Scott wants to know “What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you throughout your career?”

JR Oh man, read my book that’s coming out. There’s just so many… The craziest thing… Hell I don’t know. Okay, I got one. Chicks are always wanting to do stuff to get backstage and one time I remember looking over to the road crew’s bus and I see a naked chick running around the tour bus eating a piece of pizza! I thought ‘What the hell is going on?” So, I went over there and they told me how chicks always wanted to get backstage and “We were sick of blow jobs, so we thought what we could do to get this chick a backstage pass? So we came up with that idea.”  You see it all man. You know how sick and debauchable things are when the road crew is sick of getting blow jobs. How much are they getting when you think of it?


TEN It seems like they were getting more than their fair share…

JR Yea, more than they freaking deserved! (Laughs)


TEN I’ve got a favor to ask. We put the song “Afterglow” and your set list?

JR You know what? Yea, I will do that. We’re adding some new songs to the set list so yeah, I have the guys learn that so I can throw it in every once in a while.


TEN Your version is such a cool version…

JR (Starts singing) “You’re Love, love is all around me…everywhere!”


TEN I slam that one. I put in “Hooked” and hit the road.

JR Yeah!


TEN Ok, it’s time to shift gears on you. Tell me something disturbing about yourself that you never revealed before an interview.

JR Uh… I’m a homosexual. No…not really…I’m kidding. I’m a drag queen! Um, something disturbing? Gee, I’m self-centered? No, everybody knows that.  Um, I honestly can’t think of anything because my life is an open book and I’ve never really kept anything from anybody. When you read my book you’re going to go “Oh My God!” It’s really gonna sound like it’s made up. Um… I think Gene Simmons is a dick! I’ve never told anybody that.


TEN Why do you think that?

JR It’s like he read this rock star handbook that says; “Ya gotta be an asshole to be a rock star.” The guy has all the money in the world and he just thinks so highly of himself. It’s like; “Dude, you wear a wig! Get over yourself!” It’s a bad one too. It looks like a rock helmet.


TEN Have you seen the pictures of him without any hair?

JR I’ve seen him without any hair. We toured with them. I used to see the wigs on wig heads in the dressing rooms. Yeah. I mean it’s no big deal; I wore a piece in the 80s. It wasn’t a full wig.


TEN In the 80s, most bands did that. Not a full wig but hair extensions.

JR Well yeah. You can get real expensive weaves that look like the real thing.


TEN Like Bret Michaels

JR Well yea. Anybody that wears a headband and a cowboy hat in a Jacuzzi… what’s up with that? But anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the wigs. It’s part art of the costume, it’s on stage. Good for him.


TEN Is there anything else that you want to add or say?

JR I just want to say thanks for your time and thanks to all my fans and friends that have supported me through all the stuff. I had so many e-mails and letters when I was ill and it just really warms my heart. Now that I’ve come back and the people that are supporting me… I can’t express my gratitude enough. I’m a man of words and I can’t even find the words to say how much I appreciate it. There are no fans like my fans and I love them to death. God bless them all and their families.


TEN I’m glad you have that attitude. It’s going to take you far.

JR It’s just who I am and not to have any effect on my career. I just love people, I love my life, and I love the world. I think it’s such a privilege to be born. I just try to make the world a better place when I can.


I would like to thank Jack for taking the time out while on the road to phone in and chat. I would also like to thank Valerie Ince for setting up the interview.







































































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