It has been quite a few years since I’ve gotten the opportunity to see Gary live. His live shows are meant to be experienced because they are immersed in an embodiment of music, lights, sounds and most of all…Gary’s energy.

The band walked onto the stage filled with fog, blue lighting, eye incinerating white strobes and wearing face paint and a post-apocalyptic, khaki brown wardrobe. They began the show with “Ghost Nation” from his latest release; “Savage:  (Songs From A Broken World)” at an ear splitting volume.   Gary’s voice was strong and clear, even at the sonic  levels that the band was dishing out to the audience throughout the entire show.  Everything with this sensory overload seemed precisely dialed in from start to finish.

The set list was a mix of both classic and new material from Gary’s 4 decade long career, satisfying the insatiable appetites of  both newcomers and lifelong fans like myself. The band burned through the set list consisting of  “Ghost Nation,”  “Metal,” “The Fall,” “Everything Comes Down To This,” “Bed OF Thorns,” “Down In The Park,” “Pray For The Pain You Serve,” “Here In The Black,” “Films,” “Mercy” “Love Hurt Bleed,” “My Name Is Ruin,” “Cars,” “When The World Comes Apart,” and “A Prayer For The Unborn.” at an almost non-stop pace before saying  goodnight. The crowd, still worked up into a frenzy, screamed for more from the band. Gary, who always gives 110%, brought the band back onstage for an encore of “M.E.” and “Are Friends Electric?”  before leaving for a second time. Again, the “Numanoids” demanded more and the band came back for a second encore to play the classic “I Die, You Die” and ending the show with Gary emotionally and open heartedly thanking the fans for being there.

After the show was over, I was chatting with Gemma, (Gary’s wife) and she was saying how Gary was under the weather. This again proves the 110% that Gary gives, because you certainly would’ve never known by the way the show went that he wasn’t feeling the best. Like I said at the beginning of this review, it had been 15 years since I’d seen Gary live and I can attest that he hasn’t slowed his pace at all and  looks to have no intentions of doing so anytime soon. I’m looking forward to where Gary takes us for many more years to come.

I would like to thank Brian Bumbery and Peter Quinn at BB Gun Press for their help with this review.

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