Danny Boone Interview – March 2014

TEN first interviewed Danny Boone, the lead singer for the band Rehab a couple of years ago (See Rehab Interview) and since then, Rehab have released several cds, been on several tours with sold out shows. But, like all good things, it must come to an end. Rehab has decided to depart on a “Farewell Tour”… traveling all over in celebration of all that is Rehab.

Danny recently phoned in from the road to talk about the “Farewell Tour,” his new solo project and eating Mexican food with one of the most famous singers of all time…who’s also an actual knight.

TEN How’s it going my friend?

Danny Boone Goin good. Just sittin on a bus here in Maryland waitin to do a show.


TEN You’ve lost a lot of weight since the last time we did an interview. What motivated you to lose the weight?

DB Nothin really, just bein fat! (Laughs) There was no excuse for me being that big, really. I was always a really little dude and then one day it dawns on you like: “Damn man, what the hell done happened?” You know what I’m sayin?


TEN It seems that with each Rehab release, the band picked up more and more momentum yet this is Rehab’sFarewell Tour.” What’s the reason behind that?

DB We been doing the Rehab thing several years and we did an album called; “Million Dollar Mug shot” and turned it in to the label and our label is doing a lot of “Country Rap stuff” and Country music nowadays. When we turned it in, I think they just felt it was something they really couldn’t market. All of their marketing plug-ins are per the genre. The genre they have the most success in is Country music. They said; “Look, why don’t we do this, a Demun Jones solo album… Danny, you do a solo album and then we’ll put those out and it will give us something new.” We’ve got a core audience with Rehab but it wasn’t like our numbers were growing or we wasn’t gaining new fans. We were just keeping the same ones. I think from the label’s perspective, they wanted to do something new to up numbers. At the time, I had real-life issues going on in my life, so I was like: “Ok, I can do that.” I had to tend to these other things so it was really an easy decision. It wasn’t like I had a lot time to sit and dwell on it. It’s going to be a good thing. I think anytime a label gets 100% behind a record, it will do good. Ya know what I mean?


TEN Especially the way the music industry is these days.

DB Yea no doubt… no doubt.


TEN Let me ask you this. “Is this an actual farewell tour like Motley Crue just announced or is it going to be a farewell tour like KISS has done in the past?

DB I know that Motley Crue has said farewell eight or nine times.


TEN They signed some legal paperwork stating this is the farewell tour. KISS on the other hand, did a “Farewell Tour”  tour years ago and are still playing today.

DB I think this is definitely a farewell tour. But, who knows what the future holds? I can’t tell what’s going on tomorrow… you know what I mean? But, it is a farewell tour. The good thing is though, it’s not like a lot of bands where they’ve had a lot of crazy problems within the band over the years and everybody wants to kill each other. That ain’t with us. It really kinda makes me fuckin… it sucks to me just because I’ve been around all these dudes so much.


TEN You’re like family.

DB Oh yea, for sure.


TEN Tell me about your new solo project.

DB It’s going to drop on June 10 and the name of the album is: “Fish Grease.” It’s a collection of songs that I wrote with some people in Nashville, a guy at Five Star Productions, a guy from Average Joe’s and some other people. We just put them all down and tried to make some really dope songs. I think they turned out pretty good.


TEN Is it more of the “country songs” that’s your record label likes?

DB Yea, there’s some country songs in there and then there’s some songs that aren’t so” country” but got put on the record. Ya, know, put a slide guitar in there and you know… I’ve really never had a problem any genre of music. I dig it. My heart has always been in hip-hop but as far as music goes, I enjoy all of it. I learned to enjoy music like that because back in the 80s… everybody was sampling so much stuff. Then you realize where all the samples are coming from and you’re like; “Wow, there’s so much more music out here!”  Of course, I grew up on my granddad’s music and my mom and dad’s music but you listen to it but you don’t hear what the DJs are hearing when they sample. Then…you start listening to music differently.


TEN What kind of music they listen to?

DB They listen to country, my mom listen to disco and rock ‘n roll. Billy Joel…shit mom liked Linda Ronstadt and all that good old stuff. Dad liked George Jones and then I came up liking RUN DMC. (Laughs)


TEN Your new single: “All They Wanna Hear” is off the chain.

DB Thank you, thank you.


TEN It seems like “Bartender Song” is kind of a double-edged sword for you perhaps?

DB Not really. The song “All They Wanna Hear” is really all about the drunk guy that keeps interrupting all of your other songs when you’re trying to do your thing. Ya know what I mean?  But yeah “Bartender song”, “Sittin at A Bar” whatever they call it nowadays has been a blessing as far as we’ve been able to make a living. If we would’ve printed “These guys sing “Red Water” on our flyers, people wouldn’t react to it like they would “Sittin At A Bar.” It’s allowed us to tour, it allowed us to tour with Kid Rock, it allowed us to go around and service a lot of people’s ears. We’ve been blessed to be able to do it.


TEN I remember seeing you guys with Uncle Kracker years ago.

DB Yea, he’s a friend of ours. I like old “Kracker Krack.” He’s a good dude.


TEN Will your solo album be released the same time as Demun’s (Jones)?

DB I think so, yeah.


TEN I ordered mine the other night at the show. You can pre-order them in any Rehab show, right?

DB Oh definitely! You can pre-order them at the show and they will be delivered to your door before the release date.


TEN I just dig the way you write songs, man. I like when someone writes a song that tells a story and paints a picture in your mind, instead of just a bunch of lyrics that rhyme and run together.

DB I appreciate that man.


TENRehab released a song and video “Whore.” Will that track ever be released on a cd?

DB Na, that was one of those things that we put out and actually we were just playing around and sang one night in the studio. Every male usually has some spot in the life where they have been done terribly wrong or something. The label liked the song and put it out and then the video came out. My wife hated it and said she’s gonna kill me. Which, she should feel that way.  Ya know what I mean… I had no business putting that shit out there. I called and asked the label to take the video down and I’m sure it’s… Once shit hits the Internet it’s everywhere. Regretfully though…

TEN Will you be doing a solo tour to promote “Fish Grease?”

DB Oh yea, for sure. These days, that’s the only way you can make any money, ya know what I mean?


TEN Your collaboration with Mud Digger on the song “Come Here Girl” is yet another song that has your Golden touch. What was it like working with them?

DB Oh, I did something with Mud DiggerCome Here Girl?” I didn’t know that. (Laughs) I guess they just sampled it. I don’t even remember. I think they just got a hold of the song was put on the album. That’s probably what they did.


TEN It has you all over the song.

DB That’s cool. Real cool!


TEN What was it like working with the Moonshine Bandits on the song “Moonshine On Me?”

DB I love them guys. They’re some of our best West Coast friends.


TEN Let me ask you this; “What’s it like being Danny Boone?”

DB Uh… I don’t know. I’m just hanging out with a bunch of nut cases, ridin around, makin fun of each other. I try to balance being a dad and a music guy. That’s about it, husband, friend, jackass… all of that. (Laughs)


TEN The last time we did an interview, I ask you to tell me something disturbing about yourself that you never revealed before an interview. You told me that “You have more stories about shitting your pants, than most people do.”

DB (Busts of laughing) Yea, true! Yea, yea, yea. I’ve been able to hold off of that as of late. Let me see, I’m trying to think. Shit, I don’t know. I really don’t have nothing good… well let me see. Let me think of something good. I had dinner with Elton John one time.


TEN Did you really?

DB Yea, Elton John, Ed Roland and Dallas Austin…we all ate dinner together. That was probably one of the weirdest, coolest things that ever happened. It was really weird because who really ever gets to sit down and eat tacos with a knight, ya know what I mean?


TEN Do you have anything more to add or say?

DB Shoot, I appreciate you doing the interview. We appreciate all the fans supporting us all of these years. It’s been really, really rewarding in a lot of ways. In more ways than you can really imagine as far as interacting with people and the fans and stuff.


I want to thank Danny for taking time to share, Jaimie Reeder and Josh Fulmer at Average Joe’s Entertainment for making the interview happen.

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