Antigone Rising: “23 red” – CD

ANTIGONE RISING:  “23 RED” No Remedy ♦ Everywhere is home ♦ Borrowed Time ♦ One Foot In ♦ Gracefully ♦ Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring ♦ Pink Sunglasses ♦ Breaking Free ♦ You Say You Want To Leave ♦ Goodbye The notions of luck, fate, chance and destiny are nothing new to popular music, but never have they been writ as large or as plainly … Continue reading


GLUTTONY ♦ WRATH ♦ NOTHING LEFT BUT TEARS ♦ THE TRUTH ♦ GREED ♦ WATER ♦ SEVEN WAYS TO DIE ♦ AIR ♦ SLOTH ♦ PRIDE ♦ ENVY ♦ LUST ♦ DREAMIN OF YOU   This cd opens up full on, for the first three songs: “Gluttony”, “Wrath” and “Nothing Left But Tears” with the in your face, rapid fire cadence, of Josh Todd’s vocals accompanied by large amounts of heavy guitar, bass and … Continue reading

Gretchen Bonaduce’s ANKH! – CD

GRETCHEN BONADUCE’S ANKH! No More Words ♦ Don’t Change ♦ Voices Carry ♦ Cars ♦ Just What I Needed ♦ White Wedding ♦ Middle Of The Road ♦ Don’t You Forget About Me ♦ Sweet Dreams ♦ No More Words (Karaoke Mix) I had the pleasure of interviewing Gretchen back in 2009 and she shared about her cover band “Ankh!” Now fast forward a few years later and they … Continue reading


THE GODZ: LAST OF THE OUTLAWS   Born At The Wrong Time ♦ Last Of The Outlaws ♦ Reaction ♦ Ever Lovin Chains ♦ Deliverance ♦ This Time ♦ Show & Tell ♦ Who’s To Blame ♦ In The Wind   I like this cd. No wait, I really, really like this cd. It has a little bit of everything for everyone.  Great melodies and hooks, … Continue reading