By Guest Contributor: Krazy K

Can you go to a live comedy show and enjoy yourself without being bombarded by the F-bomb and bad language in every other sentence?

Bill Engvall stopped by Secrest Auditorium in Zanesville, Ohio to entertain the folks of Southeastern Ohio this past weekend and did just that. Innuendo and physical comedy took the place of the disgusting stuff. He was hilarious, and did not disappoint.

We can all identify with his brand of stand-up comedy. We all recognize someone we know in the stories he tells making fun of himself, family, marriage, friends, and life in general. The bit he did about spreading his father-in-law’s ashes was really good stuff! He had the crowd going from beginning to end.

I must admit, there were a couple of ‘recycled’ jokes but when he ended with a few new “Here’s Your Sign” bits, all was forgiven.

It’s incredible what this man’s career has encompassed so far.

He’s done Stand-up Comedy, Comedy Albums, Comedy Tours, (Six were Blue Collar Comedy Tours with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White), which spawned 3 films, a satellite radio show and a TV show called “Blue Collar TV”.  He also starred in “The Bill Engvall Show” and hosted the Game Show “Lingo” for a time.

Thanks to American Pride Power Equipment and Dusty Guitar Promotions LLC for Sponsoring the concert. Bring him back again and I’ll be one of the first in line for tickets!

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