Amber Lake Interview – March 2010

I first saw Ambre on Season Two of VH1’s “Rock Of Love” with Bret Michaels and she quickly became my favorite. She was genuine and true to her self, never letting the other women in the house get the best of her. She eventually made it to the final two where in Mexico, while having a private dinner with Bret….had her now famous “Basic Instinct Moment” that made him speechless and then went on to win Season Two.

Ambre and Bret decided to part ways after the show but have remained close friends. She has since moved on in her career, starring in movies, commercials and became involved with several causes that she holds dear to her heart.

I recently met Ambre for dinner where she shared her memories of “Rock Of Love,” the new and exciting projects in her life and when she disrupted a part of Los Angeles’s traffic during a photo shoot.


The Entertainment Nexus What have you been doing career wise since Season Two of “VH1’s Rock Of Love?”

Ambre Lake Basically I have been traveling around nationwide emceeing concerts. I’m still acting and I just produced my own show, which is actually being picked up. I’ve just been very, very, very, very busy. (Laughs)


TEN What’s the name of your show? Can you talk about it?

AL I can’t talk too much about it because we’re still in negotiations but I created and produced the show with three other producers. We shot the sizzle and we got an offer right before Christmas. It’s a docudrama based on myself, Heather and Beverly from “Rock Of Love” and two other girls that are unknowns but they are artists in Hollywood. It’s just following our lives in Hollywood.


TEN Tell me about “The Perfect Serial Killer” project.

AL Gosh, I don’t even know what’s happening with that. I know that it got postponed. A lot of things like that you will see on IMDb will be postponed because of budget and that sort of thing. The economy has gotten so bad in Hollywood…it’s really affected Indie films and projects. That’s why I’m so happy about my show because nobody’s getting picked up now. It’s really hard to sell your stuff that you are working on. That project remains to be seen…I’m not sure. I’ll let you know. (Laughs)


TEN Tell me about you being a “Bomber Girl.”

AL Yes! They asked me to be their spokes model. It’s a great independent beer and I did this wonderful pinup style shoot. I didn’t want to be “just the beer girl” ya know. I really liked the style of the shoot, the taste of the beer of course because I’m a beer drinker and I was really honored to represent them. They approached me and I did it. Ya know, as long as they kept it somewhat “classy.” I wasn’t gonna to just take off my clothes and it is all about “T & A” or whatever.


TEN You were an accomplished actress way before you appeared in “Rock OF Love.” What were some of the projects that you were involved with?

AL Ya know, I’ve been acting all my life and I have my Masters in acting and I’ve done so many commercials and movies and things and I think that now I am at a time in my life where I do have all of the credentials and now it’s time to move forward into something that I love to do. That is, producing something that I feel passionate about and not just waiting for these casting directors and agents to call me. It’s about me creating my own work. I’m excited about going into this new phase in my life.


TEN You’ve also done theater and arts and stuff like that too.

AL I did. I’ve been dancing and singing and acting my whole life. I was at my dad’s house not too long ago looking at the dance pictures with tap shoes and little tutus. I’m so different than the rest my family. I am the only artist in a family full of engineers. My dad is my biggest supporter. He came on the show and it’s really great to have that support system in being in the arts because it’s so competitive and so hard to excel in it. I think that’s the major reason why I have gone as far as I have in it.


TEN You also hold several degrees in education.

AL The one thing that my dad is very responsible for is him pushing me in school. I went to undergrad and graduated with honors, with a theater major and music and dance minors. Then I got a fellowship up to Michigan State and have my masters in fine arts with an emphasis in acting and dance, so literally I acted in dance my way through school. I think that is one of the major things that I have always been proud of and nobody can take away from me.

TEN That’s right. You earned it.

AL I’m so proud of that.


TEN What was it like to work with Reese Witherspoon in “Sweet Home Alabama?”

AL Ya know everybody in that whole cast was really cool and very “down to earth.” There weren’t any big egos or anything like that. That was a really cool experience being on a set that big and that extravagant.

TEN And to also be working with the rest of that cast of big stars as well…

AL Everybody, they were just so cool. I mean “normal people” I guess. (Laughs) They are like you and me. It was cool to watch it and it was cool to meet them and kinda experienced the whole thing.


TEN Tell me about the concept behind “Project Slasher.”

AL The concept behind “Project Slasher” and the reason I took the role is that it’s an interactive film. We didn’t shoot the film; we shot the concept of the film like a short do so they can sell it. You watch the film and he gets to certain points…remember those books were you get to a certain point and it would say; “Go to page this or go to page that and it had different endings? That’s what this is all about. So I get to a certain point, and I could either go to the woods or up the stairs. It had several different endings. It was the coolest thing that I think I’ve ever done. It was cold but it was really cool to do. I was running around the woods in heels and it was January in Philly. (Laughs)


TEN– I know you get this question asked all the time but how did you become involved with “Rock Of Love?”

AL I was living in Chicago and I got a call asking if I would audition for reality show? I always said that I wouldn’t do it but I asked them “What reality show?” and they said; “Rock Of Love” and I was like ABSOLUTELY! I was the biggest fan of the first season and I got all my friends hooked on it. I went in and it just happened exactly the way it was supposed to. That was one of the coolest experiences of my life and definitely life changing for the positive. I legitimately went on there with an open heart thinking; “I’m gonna see what happens and if we make a connection…great…and if we don’t well I tried it and hopefully it won’t hurt my career too bad.” That was my big struggle. It wasn’t about did I want to do it? It was about is this really gonna hurt my career that I struggled so hard with in making a name for myself and making it legitimate and strong? It hurt it a little bit at first but I think that me not going into any more reality for so long I think that that has helped me.


TEN Some people go right back into the next reality show.

AL I definitely held back. I wasn’t going to do that. I didn’t want to be known for that.


TEN How crazy was it in the house?

AL The craziest thing that I’ve ever done…hands down! I’ve done some crazy things but that was the craziest! It was beautiful in the way that I made a connection with Bret. The moments were beautiful…Cancun was beautiful. I’m having dinner with him in this completely pitch black environment and you really taste the food. Everything that we experienced together was things that I had never experienced before and I got to experience with him. That was really cool for me. I’ll never forget it. I’m glad I did it. No regrets.


TEN Speaking of Cancun and dinner, the now infamous scene where… “The Basic Instinct” scene…

AL (Starts laughing) Yeah, yeah…that’s totally “Basic Instinct.” You know what? That was spur of the moment. I guess when I was with Bret, especially in Cancun, and you’ve been around the cameras so much you really forget that they are there. I wasn’t doing that to say; “Oh, I’m gonna win him!” it was just that we did have a strong connection and I was flirting ya know. We hadn’t had sex or anything and I was flirting…I really was! It was fun and he loved it.

TEN He just went speechless…you to see his hand shaking when he was taking a drink.

AL Yeah, I wanted him to know that playful side. I think I was more conservative compared to the other girls and I hadn’t slept with him. We hadn’t even gone there. I just wanted him to know that I was playful and I’m fun. He got the point! (Laughs)


TEN What did you think about the fight between Heather and Daisy on the reunion show?

AL I was so secluded, I had security guards around me and they wouldn’t let me out of the dressing room so I didn’t see it. I heard about it. I didn’t see it until the show aired. I don’t know…everybody fought everybody on the show so it really didn’t surprise me. When you have that many women vying for the same man…things are going to get heated. A lot of us genuinely had feelings…it wasn’t just me. That’s really hard to deal with, especially on national TV.

TEN I mean you’re just opening your heart up…

AL You are. Exposing everything to everybody and everybody knows your business.

TEN That has to be hard.

AL It was okay because again, it comes back to my support system. I tell my dad the truth about everything. I think my brothers had a hard time…I know my brothers have had a hard time with it. But my dad didn’t because he knew the truth. He knew everything that happened before it happened and supported me no matter what.


TEN What’s the one thing that you’ve taken from “Rock Of Love?”

AL I think that I never gave myself enough credit before the show and I didn’t realize how strong I was. I grew into myself from “Rock Of Love.” It’s really weird, “Reality TV” gets a bad rap but I really evolved in that show and I grew from beginning to end. That’s something that I’ll always thank that experience for, because without that, I wouldn’t be who I am today right now. I’m a much stronger, confident individual because we all had such different personalities. You just had to step back and look at it. It wasn’t about who is better…we were all so strong and so different. It wasn’t just based on beauty…is based on everything both inside and out. That’s what beauty is. I think that ROL really portrayed that and I love that about the show.


TENI read somewhere that you became quite a traffic hazard recently in L.A.

AL Oh yeah! (Starts laughing) I did. I am doing this campaign called; “The Legalize Gay Campaign” and it’s a “Prop 8” photo shoot. I shot it in front of the Mormon Church because on their web site they have supporting “Prop 8” and I’m against it because I feel like in this day and age, we should not discriminate against love regardless of gender or race or anything…period. Let people not be afraid to love and love openly and not have to hide behind closed doors. I’m trying to give those people that are too afraid to speak up for themselves and fight for themselves a voice. Some people thought I did it for publicity but I didn’t. I strongly believe in this because my mother’s gay. I marched in the gay parade in L.A. and they were picketers there saying: “You’re gonna go to Hell” and all that stuff. I feel very strong in the fact for standing up for a person who can’t stand up for themselves and that was my way. I have another shoot coming up and you’ll definitely know what happens. I plan to do eight different shoots to represent the “Prop 8” thing. You know, going for the eight different facets of our society. The first one was church and the next one will be something else.


TEN Tell me something disturbing about yourself if you’ve never revealed before an interview.

AL I’m so open with myself. Geez, I don’t know because I am really open. Gimme a chance to think about that one…I don’t know.


TEN Is there anything else that you want to add or say?

AL No, I think you covered everything. (Laughs) It’s good to be here and meet you!


I want to thank Ambre for taking the time out of her schedule for the interview.

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